Everest – The North Col

The steep climb to the North Col. This is the first technical piece of climbing on #everest. A 400m steep ice and snow slope that finishes at camp 1, #northcol, 7000m. It is equipped with fixed ropes and requires a #jumar – a mechanical device that fixes from your harness to the rope to stopContinue reading “Everest – The North Col”

Down time

On an Everest expedition there is always lots of time free. Team members find many different ways to amuse themselves: Reading, writing, growing strange facial hair, discussing the Bristol Stool Scale, making rock sculptures, listening to music… Here ex-headmaster Andy is restimulating his interest in art. Kept company by a local cat, he will haveContinue reading “Down time”

Cold and windy

Even at only 4800m it’s cold and windy. We will be climbing nearly double that to 8850m in a few weeks. On our trek out we had to avoid an angry confrontation with teahouse owners who thought they had our booking. 14 western trekkers with dinner and breakfast is a lot of income to missContinue reading “Cold and windy”

Everest reflections so far

Today we arrive back in Kathmandu after our 10 days trekking to acclimatise. We are 14 people and will say goodbye to 3 before heading to Everest Basecamp in China on the north side. We reached an altitude of 5600m and as a team have got to know each other. The barriers have dropped andContinue reading “Everest reflections so far”


Final days of tranquility in Kathmandu before the clients arrive and we head off to Langtang for some acclimatisation trekking We have been staying in The Eco Resort Hotel in Thamel It’s quiet gardens are a haven of peace away from the busy streets