Final preparations & Everest route download

A final hike in the Hajar mountains before Everest   Download the complete route information from this link and follow the expedition .kmz can be opened with Google Earth  

Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain

The hike up Jebel Hafeet from the Green Mubazzarah is stunning The desert and rock formations are slowly revealed The summit is over 1200m and the temperature difference is noticeable

The Travel Show – Dubai Eye

Tuesdays is The Travel Show on Dubai Eye and my regular slot as the adventure expert This week was rock climbing in the region and around the world Here I am showing Mark and Michelle the March issue of OutdoorUAE and the special women’s issue to recognise International Women’s Day

Modern day ships of the desert

A group of “sand bikers” in the desert near Liwa on the border with Saudi Arabia الربع الخالي or The Empty Quarter is the 2nd largest sand desert in the world The dunes are up to 250m in height